On the Road with Adie

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We are professional story seekers in search of the next great tall tale. Our goal is to tour 49 states, cruising the backroads of backwater burgs, adventure-seeking and talking to other VW enthusiasts. Along the way we are conducting interviews for our podcast and collecting material for a nonfiction book about our travels.


Read about our misadventures from the road. We like to document our best hikes, our favorite recipes, must-listen song lists, and, of course, anything to do with VW buses.


Catch up on the latest from our podcast, So you owned a VW Bus. Each interview focuses on one person’s VW Bus adventure, whether it is funny, sweet, or harrowing.

Quotes from the road

“That’s my new attitude toward everything; if I see somebody going slow, maybe they have a wedding cake in their car.”

-Part of the West River Westies gang

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Financial support for this project provided in part by the Jan Michalski Foundation of Switzerland.

Syndication of our podcast, So You Owned a VW Bus, courtesy of Happy Productions. Tune in each Wednesday as they broadcast our episodes.

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A full page of our favorite things we have discovered since being on the road.