Privacy Policy

If you’ve landed on this page, it’s because you clicked on the privacy policy link on the audio survey. If you got here through some other means, this page is likely of no use to you as it is meant for the folks who have been guests on So You Owned a VW Bus. Without getting to into the legalese, here is our privacy policy:

  1. By sending us an audio recording of your voice, you are giving us permission to use it. It would be really weird to send us an audio recording of your voice for a podcast of which you were a part of and then expect us to not use it, right? Still, the legalness of stuff…
  2. We don’t owe you anything for your recording. To date we have made zero dollars off the podcast. We do it because we’re nuts and we’re nuts about VWs and especially the people in the VW community. In fact, we pretty much went broke doing this thing. So, no, there is no compensation for your recording now or in the future, even if that comedian, Fluffy, buys up the rights for a bajillion dollars. Which he won’t. We already asked. We’re all just doing this for fun.
  3. We retain all rights to the audio. By sending us your recording you are giving us full rights to use it in connection with So You Owned a VW Bus stuff—website, social media, the podcast itself, and the endeavors stemming from the podcast. We won’t use it for other things like hocking energy drinks. We won’t edit your voice to change intent. All edits are in service of: a). the perceived intention of your question; and b). clarity for the listener.
  4. You agree not to sue us for using your question. I dunno. It’s gotta be included. But if for some reason someone wants to sue us for using the question they submitted to our podcast on our podcast, this is the section that says they agreed they wouldn’t.
  5. We won’t share details about your identity or location beyond what has already been disclosed on audio we have already captured for So You Owned a VW Bus. As a refresher: In order to be a guest on So You Owned a VW Bus, you consented to be recorded and disclosed at least your first name (many of you also gave a last name). Some of you talked about your businesses, families, and location of residence/employment. Pretty much if you said it on microphone, you knew it could be used. When you submit your audio question, you are once again giving us permission to use that information in the podcast.
  6. We respect you and appreciate your participation in our little podcast. Hopefully this privacy policy isn’t too scary.
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