Review: Luci Lights

The bus uses battery power most of the time. The fridge, sink pump, and LED lights all run off the battery, so saving power wherever you can is important. That’s where Luci Lights come in. They are rechargeable—either through a mini USB port or, most importantly, through a small solar cell. The nice part is that the lights themselves are good quality and have some nifty features. 

The cord is flexible. It is a cloth sleeve so there’s no binding or Christmas light sort of confusion and frustration. It is a single cord with plastic clips that work surprisingly well. 

There are multiple settings. The lights can be dim, medium, or burn-your-retinas bright. There’s also a torch feature, which is a single light on top. 

There are a variety of lengths to choose from. I opted for a shorter length, but, if pressed to buy another, would go longer. 

One last note: The first set I bought worked for a single night and then never recharged, which was aggravating. I was on a long trip and missed the 30-day return window by a couple days. I wrote to Mpowered, who makes Luci and they sent me a replacement set, no problem. (Thanks, Gary!) That experience alone made me a happy customer. The lights being the solid van life accessory they are, was icing on the cake. 

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