North Carolina

North Carolina has been a pleasure so far. We’ve had some wonderful hikes, some unique hard ciders, and great conversations. 

We stayed near Stone Mountain State Park, home of some rugged trails and dramatic views. I woke up early to run a moderate trail. Friends, I must be thoroughly Ohioan because that trail wrung me out. I summited Stone Mountain, took in the view and then descended. The descent portion was staircase after staircase, steel cables to guide you and then another staircase, loose rock trails and then a short merciful graveled stretch before more stairs. My quads are on fire today.

Still, the views are incredible. It felt good to be active again after being more or less dormant/stagnant for a few weeks. We stopped in the town of Mt. Airy—the basis for Mayberry from The Andy Griffith Show. Neither Miracle nor I is really an Andy Griffith fan (proof being that Miracle kept calling him Charlie Griffith). But we saw the Barney Fife mobile and ate at one of the local pie shops (nothing to rave about, to be honest). Then we shoved on toward Asheville, where we had a driveway stay. 

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