Playlist: South Carolina

Here’s a meager offering of songs from the Palmetto State. Help me out here, friends—if you know of any great tunes that specifically mention South Carolina (or a city, park, etc. in South Carolina), drop it in the comments. In the meantime, you can listen to our ever-growing, Bob Dylan-heavy playlist.

South Carolina: Now this is a groovy little ditty from a lesser-known group called Black Girls. It takes a minute to get going, but by the time your VW gets up to speed your toe will be tapping. 

In Search of Little Sadie: Yes, we had Little Sadie for North Carolina. But, this one is technically a different song… and perhaps a lesser song. Again, I am going to go with the version off the Another Self Portrait rather than the original. I used Little Sadie for North Carolina because it mentions Thomasville and I am using In Search of Little Sadie for its name drop of Jericho.

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