Glacier Glass and the end of the AlCan

Curtis, who wins the award for friendliest Canadian.

We are AlCan official. Many, many people drive the AlCan, but it seems like the rite of passage only comes by doing three things: First, you must take your picture by the sign. That’s easy. Second, you must get a flat tire. We took care of that in Destruction Bay. And lastly, you must get a windshield chip. 

I was willing to not be AlCan official since the bay window bus is known for its wide and glorious bay window. After 33,000 miles and countless dirt and gravel roads, after driving the frost heaves and potholes, as we were closing in on Dawson City—the terminus of the AlCan, I got a chip.

I was no larger than my pinky nail and didn’t spider web, but I also know how these things can creep, especially in old glass like Adie’s. Luckily, we were only 20 miles away from Glacier Mobile Glass. They can brag the friendliest staff in all of Canada (no small feat, my friends) and they can boast the fastest in and out repair I have ever had. Oil changes take longer. As a bonus, they have a fenced in back yard and I was able to let Jolene off leash for a few minutes while they fixed us up. Curtis and his crew are doing great work. While I don’t recommend getting a chip in your windshield, if you do get one, go here.

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