Playlist: Montana

Montana is mighty, my friends with lots to see and lots to do. So let’s keep adding to my ever-growing On the Road with Adie playlist by popping these five fine tracks into the eight track player and cruising the two lanes: 

Midnight in Missoula: Nancy Griffith has a magic voice and let me tell you this beats the pants off Midnight in Montgomery, Midnight in Paris, and that one about Memphis and walking around at night. It does not beat Midnight Train to Georgia, just so we’re clear. But it does mention our featured state and it makes it on the list. 

Montana: Man, is there anyone weirder than Frank Zappa? It’s a song about Montana and dental floss, which is weird on its own. But then it is just so… Zappa. 

Hey Montana: True story: I saw Eve 6 in concert only ten years ago (which is mathemtaically, ten years after everyone forgot they existed). They opened for the opener’s opener. (The headliner was Sugar Ray and the opener for them was John Popper of 90s harmonica fame who was preceded by Cracker (not to be confused with Uncle Kracker, who I also unfortunately saw in concert as an opener for an opener)). Eve 6 was terrible live. But they could crush out some bangers with the help of sound technicians. Hey Montana is not as good as their radio play hits, but it does mention the Big Sky State. 

Montana Cowgirl: No snark here for Emmylou Harris, who takes us into the heart of the state and delivers in this ditty. 

Three Angels: I had to dig deep to find a Dylan tune mentioning Montana, but here we are with what is quite possibly the sole mention of the state in his song catalog. If I am mistaken, let me know in the comments. 

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