Playlist: Idaho

Hello from the state that looks like a giant #1 foam finger and tastes like everyone’s favorite carb. Here’s a triple helping of songs about the spud state. 

Idaho: I’ve waxed poetic before about Josh Ritter–how much I loved the one concert I’ve been to, his range and career. It was only in researching this playlist that I learned he hails from Idaho. And here is a slower, more reflective offering from one of my favorite contemporary artists. 

Idaho: I love Yonder Mountain String Band. They are endlessly entertaining (I mean check out Two Hits and the Joint Turned Brown). They have that vivaciousness that OCMS had when they started out and were a little less Nashville. Anyway, enjoy these rascals plucking away this Idaho tune. 

Let me Die in my Footsteps: Not a ton of Dylan songs that mention the potato state. In fact, this was the only one I could find, so here it goes. 

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