Playlist: Wyoming

Hello from the squarest state in the union where all the attractions are in the corners, but there’s plenty of good stuff to be seen all over. Here are some tunes to download (because there’s nary a cell signal here):

The Beaches of Cheyenne: Confession time: I listened to a lot of Garth Brooks at a time in my life. I was the youngest of my siblings and just followed along and I can’t be held fully accountable for these indiscretions when I was too young to know better. And yet. Yet. He has some bangers, folks. Some pure schmaltz and some dancin’ tunes. Beaches of Cheyenne is none of those. It’s pretty middle-of-the-road, but people just really fucking love it and it’s given me a chance to slide some Garth into the catalog. (Or at least a cover since he is not on Spotify.)

Rambler, Gambler: Off the soundtrack of Martin Scorcese’s first Dylan documentary, this is a song from the way back. Never released, it gives some pretty explicit instructions for what to do if you get into a sticky situation in Wyoming. We’ll keep Bob’s advice in mind as we wheel our way through The Equality State.

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