Playlist: Oklahoma

Hello from the northeast corner of the Sooner State, where we will see a Frank Lloyd Wright tower, visit the Bob Dylan archives and manage to squeeze in an interview. Here’s a few tunes to keep us company until we hit the state line. 

Okie from Muskogee: I mean, this is a requirement for this list, right? 

You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma: Miracle is not a good singer, but she insists on crooning along to this one and it’s one of the many, many reasons I love her. 

Tulsa Time: Take a pedestrian beat and lyrics and then let everyone in the whole world cover this one. Still, there’s a reason everyone covers this song. It’s like telling a story everyone knows but doing your own shit with it. The little flourishes really make Jason Boland and the Stragglers’ version: the fiddler working overtime and playing the instrument like the mountain instrument and not like a country violin, the drummer’s keepin’ time while the steel guitar simply reels, and the lead vocals? Perfect.

Hard Times in New York Town: Whooo boy, you have to dig for this Dylan song. Despite referencing nearly every state we’ve traversed so far, Oklahoma only gets a mere mention in this never-on-an-official-album Dylan tune. And what does he have to say about Oklahoma? Well, he’d rather deal with its dust than the filth of NYC. Burn on the Big Apple.

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