See how dark that left headlight is? That means the reflective backing has come off and it needs to be replaced.

Okay, here’s a gimmie project that will take no time at all and will keep you safe out on the road. If your old headlights are weak—replace them! In Ohio, humans are probably outnumbered by deer. For real: the deer here are probably only controlled by vehicular deer-slaughter. It’s a way of life, a rite of passage. While good headlights aren’t the silver bullet for deer slaying, they may prevent you from, well, deer-slaying. 

I bought Hella headlights off JBugs and they arrived intact and ready to install. (Okay—make sure you order two. I ordered one, thinking it was a pair, like shoes or socks. Turns out it is more like pants and a pair is just one.)

Beginning to end, the headlight swap took me about 30 minutes. The steps are fairly obvious: take out the bezel around the old lights (and brackets if you have them; which I did). Pull the plugs and then install the new lights. Test them before putting the chrome collars back on. 

Protip: Use a plastic pry bar to prevent scratching up the paint. 

Now you’re ready to roll under the cover of darkness. Just watch out for deer.

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