Piece by piece

There’s a Johnny Cash song about a guy who steals parts from his automobile assembly plant job and builds his car one piece at a time at home. (The song was actually written by Wayne Kemp.) The song is fun and farcical and it ends by the narrator saying that the car is a vintageContinue reading “Piece by piece”

Taking a break (continued)

Not only did the drums not show up at Napa, but the cylinders promptly proved to be absolute shit. We put them in place and on the first pump of the brake these cylinders squirted more fluid out than if shot pressurized liquid into a colander. Bob, ever patient and good-natured, took out each cylinderContinue reading “Taking a break (continued)”

Taking a brake

Somewhere halfway between Memphis and Nashville, the bus began making a grinding noise when I hit the brakes. Ever since the second engine breakdown I have been paranoid about any little thing that goes wrong. There’s only a handful of things that make a dry rubbing sound when you hit the brakes and at theContinue reading “Taking a brake”

And then I fixed the wipers

Last we left off during the swing-through-home-to-say-hi-to-everyone portion of this venture, the wipers had gone out and we muscled our way back by sheer will and lots of luck (navigating between two lines of precipitation and nary a drop or flake). Sam at Dune Buggy Supply already had a motor on the way to us,Continue reading “And then I fixed the wipers”

and then the wipers broke

We came back to Minnesota to pick up the bus at Dune Buggy Supply and decided to swing by the Bob Dylan mural in downtown Minneapolis. When our friends at Happy Productions, Shawn and Emma, found out we would be in the neighborhood (a couple of hours qualifies as being in the neighborhood in theContinue reading “and then the wipers broke”

Dune Buggy Supply

We knew going in to this venture that we would face breakdowns—flat tires and parts failure are a part of the game. In fact, they should be expected. We did not bargain for our recently-purchased rebuilt 2L to completely seize on us. I wrote a couple days ago about our tremendous luck during the ordeal,Continue reading “Dune Buggy Supply”

Back to Minnesota

We left early this morning to go get Adie from Dune Buggy Supply. All systems appear to be go thanks to Sam and his crew. Not only did he get a rebuilt engine installed in record time, he also worked on our sliding door, replaced a wheel bearing, and—this one is impressive—got our heat working.

Breakdowns and getting unstuck

Breaking down is demoralizing for a lot of reasons—mostly that you are stuck. The trip of a lifetime, the open road, adventures awaiting and suddenly you’re stagnant. Then the news comes: that engine you had rebuilt is a stinker. It’s a goner. The money you spent? Also gone.

Review: Diesel Parking Heater

This one is for our buddy, Doug, who recommended I double check our heater as we head farther north. On Memorial Day weekend Miracle and I took the bus to Ohio Wine country on our way to the Finger Lakes in New York. Normally Memorial Day is marked by the higher temperatures as pools reopenContinue reading “Review: Diesel Parking Heater”

Review: Window Dressings

Granted, the Bay Window VW Bus is far from the fishbowl that is the 23-Window Bus; however, privacy whilst camping is nearly impossible without window dressings of some type. At this point, I have met many veedubbers who have fashioned some creative ways to keep their private time private. Being the prude/fashionista/pragmatist that I am,Continue reading “Review: Window Dressings”