Podcast: Sam

We were driving through Wisconsin when the recently rebuilt engine in our bus, Adie, completely seized on us. Luckily our friends, Shawn and Emma, at Happy Productions Radio were a mere 250 miles away and their long-time friend, Sam Weyandt, at Dune Buggy Supply was not far from them. Even though we had never metContinue reading “Podcast: Sam”

Podcast: Tracy Tulloch

Every once in a while—not often—but every once in a while, our bus, Adie, needs a little extra care. We stopped at a shop called PiperBus Automotive in Connecticut, owned and managed by Tracy Tulloch. It’s one of those hidden gems we’re glad we found tucked away in New England. The shop has a smallContinue reading “Podcast: Tracy Tulloch”

and then the wipers broke

We came back to Minnesota to pick up the bus at Dune Buggy Supply and decided to swing by the Bob Dylan mural in downtown Minneapolis. When our friends at Happy Productions, Shawn and Emma, found out we would be in the neighborhood (a couple of hours qualifies as being in the neighborhood in theContinue reading “and then the wipers broke”

Dune Buggy Supply

We knew going in to this venture that we would face breakdowns—flat tires and parts failure are a part of the game. In fact, they should be expected. We did not bargain for our recently-purchased rebuilt 2L to completely seize on us. I wrote a couple days ago about our tremendous luck during the ordeal,Continue reading “Dune Buggy Supply”

Piperbus Auto

I wrote about Piperbus briefly in a post earlier this week. Let me just say that I was throughly pleased with Tracy’s attention to my bus. After we did our interview, she said she would give Adie the once-over. She quickly caught a few problems, including a major oil leak. Within a few minutes, sheContinue reading “Piperbus Auto”

Podcast: Lynda

If you’ve owned a Vw Bus for any length of time, you’ve probably got a tale of roadside breakdown woes. We met a woman, Lynda Hardman, who had more than her fair share. In fact, she swears her bus had a curse. She’s seen everything from flaming stoves to the crunchy demise of her not-so-beloved ASIContinue reading “Podcast: Lynda”