One year

We left home a year ago. We sold most of our possessions, donated hundreds of books, and stored what we had left in the corner of my mom’s basement. On the day we were supposed to leave, our alternator died. Then the clutch cable snapped. After making the repairs with significant help from our mostContinue reading “One year”

Podcast: Sally

This episode is really special to me. When Miracle and I started out on our 49 state adventure, we received a lot of encouragement. But then I got a message from a woman I used to work with at children’s services some fifteen plus years ago. Her name is Sally Doyle. Even though we workedContinue reading “Podcast: Sally”

Resources and risk (part 2 of 4)

Here’s a preview of next season: we interviewed a fascinating guy named John Hammond—a fellow podcaster, academic, and, of course, VW owner. The podcast will likely cover the VW stuff. But our conversation with John covered another interesting topic—risk. See, John has a podcast called Make Moves where he talks to people who take risks.Continue reading “Resources and risk (part 2 of 4)”

Podcast: Gianfranco & Kim

We were staying in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, with a VW collector named Gianfranco Martinelli and his family when the weather took a turn and they invited us to stay in their spare room. We stayed with the Martinellis for a few days and became fast friends. We sat down with Gianfranco to ask him aboutContinue reading “Podcast: Gianfranco & Kim”

On the Road Again

It feels like a lifetime now since we have been on the road doing the thing we love to do. To recap: we broke down in Florida, stayed with Blacky (the patron saint of broke down bus folks), trailered to Minnesota where the engine was rebuilt. I played DJ at Happy Productions and have begunContinue reading “On the Road Again”

Podcast: Neil

Neil is a close friend of ours. In fact, I actually lived with him after my divorce. Miracle too—a couple of divorced people living with our friend, Neil Webster. Now Neil has owned a whole lotta VWs. And even though we usually don’t talk about other VW makes on this program, it is worth notingContinue reading “Podcast: Neil”