The bus, my taxes, and writing as a career choice

Taylor Herrick—accountant, tax lawyer, and all-around nice guy—was the first non-family-member person to believe in my writing career. I hadn’t published or bought a VW bus; I hadn’t even completed my undergrad when I started going to him to file my tax return. I was nineteen and working two or three jobs and going toContinue reading “The bus, my taxes, and writing as a career choice”

Risk: how does it end? (part 4 of 4)

True enough. That’s the nature of risk and it’s not as simple as it worked or it didn’t. We didn’t have delusions that our bus would work for the entire trip. Owning and driving a VW bus across 49 states means having mechanical troubles and breakdowns. And fixing things and meeting people and seeing placesContinue reading “Risk: how does it end? (part 4 of 4)”

Resources and risk (part 2 of 4)

Here’s a preview of next season: we interviewed a fascinating guy named John Hammond—a fellow podcaster, academic, and, of course, VW owner. The podcast will likely cover the VW stuff. But our conversation with John covered another interesting topic—risk. See, John has a podcast called Make Moves where he talks to people who take risks.Continue reading “Resources and risk (part 2 of 4)”


Things were going well. Too well. New Mexico was like a dream and we were heading into the last band of that red dirt land I love so much. We left the idyllic and secluded Lake Morphy with its switchback roads and pitch darkness, the crystalline lake with jumping fish and green bristling trees. FollowingContinue reading “Re-tired”

Route 66 and the death of Americana

Driving gives me a lot of time to think, especially when we exclusively travel the backroads from A to B. We see things that we would have normally missed (just take a look at the destination posts from the blog). Sure, we still would have seen the National Parks, but we would have missed manyContinue reading “Route 66 and the death of Americana”

Filing my taxes!

Taxes. I love doing my taxes. Or, more accurately, I love going to have my taxes filed. As a writer, tax season is when you finally see the benefits of your hard work—mainly all the receipts you have saved and cataloged to claim as expenses. Do I file my own taxes? No. Am I capable?Continue reading “Filing my taxes!”

Off the Grid

Can we talk about this nonsense phrase for a minute? You quit a job and take off in a VW Bus for a year and for some reason or other folks will say you’ve gone off the grid. It’s a weird and often thoughtless turn of phrase that I want to clear up in thisContinue reading “Off the Grid”

Run it like a business

I made a comment on Facebook (always a mistake, I know) kvetching about the societal chants to “run it like a business.” The thread of comments afterward were few because, like real life, folks in the digital sphere tend not to talk to me. The pithiness and meme-size thoughts of social media don’t really allowContinue reading “Run it like a business”

Keep on keepin’ on

After the breakdown in Florida, we really thought this bus venture of ours would be over. Finances are tight on the road and podcasting is not exactly a gold mine. As I ran the diagnostics on Adie at that gas station just outside of Sopchoppy, Florida, I had the sinking feeling that we had reachedContinue reading “Keep on keepin’ on”