Risk: how does it end? (part 4 of 4)

True enough. That’s the nature of risk and it’s not as simple as it worked or it didn’t. We didn’t have delusions that our bus would work for the entire trip. Owning and driving a VW bus across 49 states means having mechanical troubles and breakdowns. And fixing things and meeting people and seeing places we couldn’t have imagined. And collecting stories—some of our own and lots from people we would have never talked to otherwise. 

People worried about Miracle and I spending 14 months confined to a bus together and whether our marriage would survive it. That was a risk we wanted to take. Both of us had previous marriages where neither of us could imagine spending a month in the car with our exes. Consequently, we now have a unique experience, one that no one could possibly understand without being here with us. The road trip could have been a relationship-ender or it could bring us closer together. It was a risk worth taking because neither of us wanted to risk being in a relationship with someone we weren’t absolutely crazy about.

But more than anything for the both of us, it is curiosity. We want to find out how this ends, where it takes us, what paths we are led down and which trails we will cut for ourselves. The uncertainty is exciting. The risks are there, sure. So are the rewards.

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