Risk: how does it end? (part 4 of 4)

True enough. That’s the nature of risk and it’s not as simple as it worked or it didn’t. We didn’t have delusions that our bus would work for the entire trip. Owning and driving a VW bus across 49 states means having mechanical troubles and breakdowns. And fixing things and meeting people and seeing placesContinue reading “Risk: how does it end? (part 4 of 4)”

Run it like a business

I made a comment on Facebook (always a mistake, I know) kvetching about the societal chants to “run it like a business.” The thread of comments afterward were few because, like real life, folks in the digital sphere tend not to talk to me. The pithiness and meme-size thoughts of social media don’t really allowContinue reading “Run it like a business”

The buck stops here

Being out on the road is refreshing for many, many reasons—fresh air, new adventures every day, meeting people. The list goes on. But I also love the accountability—the feeling of being responsible for the decisions and successes and failures on the road. It’s a whole different vibe than many workplaces where accountability becomes a gameContinue reading “The buck stops here”

Lessons learned from a salary job

I took a salary job in 2020. Huge mistake. Up to that point in my life I had always been an hourly employee (with the exception of a graduate teaching assistant and paperboy, the latter of which was pay-per-house). Working salary for one year taught me a valuable lesson: I want to know what myContinue reading “Lessons learned from a salary job”

Where does work end and life begin?

I wish the above meme were more true—that we could compartmentalize our lives into one area or another. And, like it or not, a good portion of our lives—both private and professional, public and “friends-only”—involves social media. The murky distinction between private and public and between work and play is certainly an issue Miracle and IContinue reading “Where does work end and life begin?”

Privilege, luck, and work ethic

It’s really telling that the question of money is the very first thing to pop into folks’ minds when we tell them we are about to hit the road for 14 months. We have all of the United States rolled out in front of us like a wall-to-wall rug, the far reaches of Canada inContinue reading “Privilege, luck, and work ethic”