Risk: how does it end? (part 4 of 4)

True enough. That’s the nature of risk and it’s not as simple as it worked or it didn’t. We didn’t have delusions that our bus would work for the entire trip. Owning and driving a VW bus across 49 states means having mechanical troubles and breakdowns. And fixing things and meeting people and seeing placesContinue reading “Risk: how does it end? (part 4 of 4)”

Resources and risk (part 2 of 4)

Here’s a preview of next season: we interviewed a fascinating guy named John Hammond—a fellow podcaster, academic, and, of course, VW owner. The podcast will likely cover the VW stuff. But our conversation with John covered another interesting topic—risk. See, John has a podcast called Make Moves where he talks to people who take risks.Continue reading “Resources and risk (part 2 of 4)”

Risk (part 1 of 4)

We were driving down Highway 1, just south of the famed Big Sur section—claimed to be the most scenic drive in all of the US. I love a good drive with curves and inclines and scenery. Bridges are a plus. And I love the opportunity to pull out on the berm for a vista. AndContinue reading “Risk (part 1 of 4)”