Podcast: The End

That’s a wrap, folks. Two years ago we bought some podcasting equipment and consulted our friend Alan (who has long-produced podcasts for the local NPR affiliate) on how to edit audio. We drove around our hometown, collecting stories from friends and family who had owned VW buses. They referred us to other people. I taughtContinue reading “Podcast: The End”

Detour #10: What’s in a name?

Well, folks, I screwed something up with the web catalog on this episode (for those of you who stream in order, you probably noticed this had the same audio as a previous episode). It’s fixed now, which is great because we love this episode.  One of our first interviewees, William, submitted a question to usContinue reading “Detour #10: What’s in a name?”

Podcast: Miranda and James (with Ken)

In November of 2018, I placed a bid on a VW bus in Clear Lake, Iowa, owned by James and Miranda Eilders. I had never owned a VW before and I figured it would be a neat car to own, to take out on the weekends, and tool around town. I did not have theContinue reading “Podcast: Miranda and James (with Ken)”

Podcast: Amanda & Matt

Amanda and Matt Hakola have owned a few buses before finally finding their current bus and landing in Oklahoma. Their bus is also the mothership for their business Ragtag Resilience—an approach to stabilizing food systems by doing a lot of little things that add up to change. (They farm their .15 acres and grow lotsContinue reading “Podcast: Amanda & Matt”

Season 9!

Join us for the last leg of our 49-state adventure. This season we meet Jarah, the Linnertime DJ at Happy Productions as she makes plans to take her bus on the road. We stop to meet Pat, an author who wrote a memoir told from the point of view of his bus. In Oklahoma, weContinue reading “Season 9!”

Detour #7: How does Colin sleep at night?

Colin Kellogg of Itinerant Air-cooled fame has logged more miles on the road than most humans. When you live on the road full-time in your VW bus, you sometimes bed down in strange places and make friends (and enemies) out of your nighttime visitors. We knew when we sat down with Colin last year, weContinue reading “Detour #7: How does Colin sleep at night?”