Detour #10: What’s in a name?

Adie, the namesake of our bus.

Well, folks, I screwed something up with the web catalog on this episode (for those of you who stream in order, you probably noticed this had the same audio as a previous episode). It’s fixed now, which is great because we love this episode. 

One of our first interviewees, William, submitted a question to us worthy of its own detour episode. (Or, rather, he had a series of questions involving the naming of VW buses.) We combed back through past interviews so we could adequately answer William’s question. 

You’ll hear from: Nellie and Leslie in Canada; Tracy, the owner of TelaBus; fellow podcaster and VW guy, John Hammond; Iliana of Birding by Bus; Jarah from Happy Productions; Antarctic adventurer and Eurovan owner Geoffry Heigh; David and Diane who have a charmingly simple name for their bus. We consult our Alaskan friend, Captain Pete, on the superstitions of naming buses and boats. And we reach into the way back—seasons before we hit the road—and hear from Melanie Moore of Cincy Book Bus fame, Jessica in Michigan, and Nate’s thoughts on bus names. Plus, you’ll hear the story of how our bus, Adie, got her name. 

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