The winter car

We had outfitted the Beetle—Miracle’s ’74 Sunbug—for the Maine winter. Heater boxes and a new blower (and then a new new blower after the plastic one melted). I shored up the floors with sheet metal screws and plugged any gaps with foam. I even lined the boot with reflectix to keep the draft from leakingContinue reading “The winter car”

The Badlands of Nebraska, North and South Dakota

We thundered our way through three states, making haste to meet our friends at Happy Productions in Minnesota. A set of bad valve cover seals had me spraying an oil slick out from behind the bus and the highways through North Dakota are long. Like really long. But each of these three states—Nebraska, South Dakota,Continue reading “The Badlands of Nebraska, North and South Dakota”

Season 6 is launched!

Another 10,000 miles, another season of So You Owned a VW Bus—the podcast fueled by the stories of VW Bus, Vanagon, and yeah, even the occasional Eurovan driver. This season we talked with a young couple who lived in their Syncro in the desert of Utah; the owner of the world’s first mountain bike shuttleContinue reading “Season 6 is launched!”

wiLl Y0u cArRy A guN? 

Leading up to this trip, I had so many people ask me this question or, even more presumptively, “what sort of gun are you taking?” The question itself presumes a lot, doesn’t it? It presumes a certain type of disposition about America, about its people, about its ability to resolve conflict within the bounds ofContinue reading “wiLl Y0u cArRy A guN? “

Playlist: Arizona

Buckle up, folks, because we have some miles to cover and some great songs to settle into that plush 1973 bus seat (yeah, I scrapped mine out of a junkyard in New Jersey so they don’t fit quite right). We have a healthy dose of tunes to get us across The Grand Canyon State.

The concussion

Both Miracle and I have hit our heads whilst living in our bus. It’s a part of life, I suppose. We’ve heard the rumors that the number one injury in the navy is bonking your head on the low doorways and we figured we still have it more comfortable than those making their lives underwater.Continue reading “The concussion”