Across Death Valley

Miracle was still feeling pretty rough from her concussion. Luckily, the symptoms became less cognitive and turned into more physiological—shoulder and neck cramps and the like. I tried my best to massage her shoulders, but I have not the strength of a masseuse, so we began to look around and happened upon a fairly incredibleContinue reading “Across Death Valley”

Colorado in review

Granted, I have been to Colorado before, but in recent years my forays into the state have been to run Pikes Peak and return home sore and sunburnt. I have neglected the lower part of the state, which is beautiful. Even though we only spent about a week there (it’s insanely expensive on the whole),Continue reading “Colorado in review”

Central New Mexico

The land that I love—New Mexico. It just keeps giving. Miracle and I sit down with our road atlas—the perfect wedding gift from our dear friend, Raj—and simply pick a route. We go. Miracle googles stuff and we read road signs; we talk to locals and pick up brochures. We drive and we detour. 

Southern New Mexico

Ah, New Mexico—one of my favorite states. We trucked in from the south, which is almost as indistinguishable from the bleak Texas oil fields I mentioned previously. But once you push past that, you have all the kookiness of Roswell, the history of Billy the Kid and railroads and boom towns turned ghost towns. AddContinue reading “Southern New Mexico”

Maine, part 3

Acadia National Park—it’s well worth seeing. We did the seaside trail walk, which allowed us to see some of the more famous spots. We also hiked South Bubble and Acadia Mountain. Although we did wake up early enough to summit Cadillac Mountain for its famed sunrise hike, the trailheads were already packed. We opted toContinue reading “Maine, part 3”

Your newest Bark Ranger

When I was about four or five, I became a Junior Park Ranger at Badlands National Park. My mom, always a champion for her children, helped me complete the form, which included the question, “What is something at the Badlands that is older than you?” (I said, “This rock” and pointed at a nearby rock.) Continue reading “Your newest Bark Ranger”