Podcast: Tom

Remember Ben from last season? He road tripped across the US with his best friends Tom, Ed, Tim, Joe (and not-best-friend, Pete)? We were able to catch up with Tom, the ringleader and planner of the trip (now an acclaimed author), and he told us more about how the trip came to be, how heContinue reading “Podcast: Tom”

Podcast: Leslie

Before we even set off on this journey, Leslie Lentz, reached out to us to say that her VW bus shared the same name as our rescue dog and faithful canine companion, Jolene… But could we make it all the way to Ontario, Canada for the interview? We could when Leslie also agreed to beContinue reading “Podcast: Leslie”

Podcast: Gianfranco & Kim

We were staying in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, with a VW collector named Gianfranco Martinelli and his family when the weather took a turn and they invited us to stay in their spare room. We stayed with the Martinellis for a few days and became fast friends. We sat down with Gianfranco to ask him aboutContinue reading “Podcast: Gianfranco & Kim”

Podcast: Peter & Andrea

We caught up with Andrea Bowker and Peter Kraiker—a couple of soft-spoken hardcore adventurers in their Old North Toronto backyard. They own a magnificent 1982 matador orange diesel Vanagon Westfalia named Babe. Babe has been Peter’s mobile office and a makeshift ambulance. 

Podcast: Steve

We caught up with Steve Roberts, who owns the old army surplus store in Jasper, Ontario. It’s an old white cider block building that looks fairly nondescript from the outside. But once you step inside, you realize it is a sprawling, wild place. We followed Steve from room to room—sometimes hidden room to hidden room—inContinue reading “Podcast: Steve”

Podcast: Brad and Susie

Happy Valentine’s Day! We were traveling through Canada when we were able to catch up with Susan and her husband, Brad, as well as their dinner guest, Linda, at their cottage on the shores of Lake Pemichangan in Quebec. We spent the day doing a little work on their Eurovan and ended the day sittingContinue reading “Podcast: Brad and Susie”