Podcast: Blacky

What do you do when your bus breaks down at a gas station in Sopchoppy, Florida and it’s dark and getting colder by the minute and you know no one in the area? You go home with a stranger named Brian Blackwell (nicknamed Blacky). Well… that’s what we did anyway. We met Blacky when heContinue reading “Podcast: Blacky”

Podcast: William & Cory

We were a dozen states into our 49 state tour when our exhaust system developed a crack. I jumped on VanAlert and found a place called the VW Garage in Portland Maine. The shop owner, Cory Sterling, hooked us up with a metal fabricator and welder named William Bruce. William is a fellow VW ownerContinue reading “Podcast: William & Cory”

Podcast: Peter & Andrea

We caught up with Andrea Bowker and Peter Kraiker—a couple of soft-spoken hardcore adventurers in their Old North Toronto backyard. They own a magnificent 1982 matador orange diesel Vanagon Westfalia named Babe. Babe has been Peter’s mobile office and a makeshift ambulance. 

Podcast: Brad and Susie

Happy Valentine’s Day! We were traveling through Canada when we were able to catch up with Susan and her husband, Brad, as well as their dinner guest, Linda, at their cottage on the shores of Lake Pemichangan in Quebec. We spent the day doing a little work on their Eurovan and ended the day sittingContinue reading “Podcast: Brad and Susie”

Podcast: Nellie

While in Quebec, Canada, we met a woman named Nellie Surprenant who owns a pale blue Vanagon. While life, relationships, and even the van’s name have changed over time, her love for the VW has remained steady. Oh, and she grows some pretty amazing flowers. Visit her website here: https://www.capucinevoisine.com/

Podcast: Nate

We were returning to Ohio from our shakedown trip to Michigan this past July so we used VanAlert to find a place to stay and we found Nate’s driveway. It turns out Nate’s driveway was a bit more posh than we expected. He asked us to drive around back where he had an honest toContinue reading “Podcast: Nate”

Podcast: John’s Car Corner

We heard about John’s Car Corner from folks all the way from Connecticut through Rhode Island and up through Massachusetts. Everyone said you need to stop at John’s Car Corner and talk to John. They were right. Soon we were standing in the shop itself, just outside of Westminster, Vermont—it a mix of parts store,Continue reading “Podcast: John’s Car Corner”

Podcast: Lynda

If you’ve owned a Vw Bus for any length of time, you’ve probably got a tale of roadside breakdown woes. We met a woman, Lynda Hardman, who had more than her fair share. In fact, she swears her bus had a curse. She’s seen everything from flaming stoves to the crunchy demise of her not-so-beloved ASIContinue reading “Podcast: Lynda”

Podcast: Chris

Chris’s interview covers the two topics everyone wants to talk about—love and money. We interviewed Chris just south of Springfield, Ohio, at a barn sale where he’s selling all manner of leather goods—suitcases and coats, furs and hats. People come and go from the barn where the sale is taking place—the same barn where heContinue reading “Podcast: Chris”