Podcast: Jason

We connected with Jason Vogen, of OldVolksTV, as well as VolksAmerica and VolksMania magazines, in Austin, Texas right around the time that Volkswagen was premiering the new ID Buzz at SXSW. Jason was there and got the inside scoop. Hear how people reacted to the newest member of the VW bus family and also aboutContinue reading “Podcast: Jason”

West Texas

West Texas is bleak, my friends. Driving the last 60 miles out of Texas is a barren, hollow, desolate, scouring of the inside of your soul experience. Nothing but oil horses and RV parks for their workers, flat parchment land. The only notable features are the wire skeletons with electric wires swooping between them andContinue reading “West Texas”

Terlingua, TX

Google Maps is my favorite invention. I’d sit at my desk at that last miserable job I had and take Maps vacations—find a locale and start clicking through the route I’d take to get there, look at people’s photos, and read their reviews. (For those of you clamoring to return to office culture, let’s notContinue reading “Terlingua, TX”

Support your state parks!

We love our National Park System. We really do. But they can be crowded. If a nearby National Park doesn’t offer a one of a kind feature like, let’s say, the Grand Canyon, try out the nearby state parks. Texas has some amazing state parks that are every bit as good as Big Bend. WeContinue reading “Support your state parks!”

Museum of Texas Handmade Furniture

This was a find. Originally, we had planned to cruise on down to San Antonio—see the riverwalk, take the Alamo tour. But a couple of native Austinites said the traffic in San Antonio was horrendous, which is really saying something after maneuvering the streets of Austin. Since we are wanting to take it easy onContinue reading “Museum of Texas Handmade Furniture”

Texas Wine Trail

You know about California wines. Everyone knows about California wines and the madness that is Napa (for once not the auto parts store—which is also madness). New York and Washington wines have their claims to fame as well. Let’s not forget some of the best wine we’ve ever had in Michigan too. But did youContinue reading “Texas Wine Trail”