Texas Wine Trail

You know about California wines. Everyone knows about California wines and the madness that is Napa (for once not the auto parts store—which is also madness). New York and Washington wines have their claims to fame as well. Let’s not forget some of the best wine we’ve ever had in Michigan too. But did youContinue reading “Texas Wine Trail”

Lou’s Libations: A perfect gift

Okay, so you’re late Christmas shopping and ever since DeJoy screwed with the Post Office nothing has been running correctly. Resist the urge to buy some junk from Amazon unless they promise to send Jeff Bezos to space via giant catapult. Give the gift of booze—even if you live in Ohio using Lou’s Libations.


North Carolina wins the prize for most dog-friendly state thus far. Not only are dogs allowed in regular stores where it shouldn’t be an issue (like hardware stores, auto parts stores, etc.), dogs are allowed in some bars. Dogs are a part of the family here. Campgrounds haven’t uncharged us for having a dog. DogsContinue reading “Dog-friendly!”

Review: Orchard Girls Cidery

Every once in a while you come across a drink that reminds you how things should taste—that in this world of artificial flavors and overly-sweet things that dull our taste buds, there are still liquids that dazzle our tongue, that challenge our senses. A good beverage can do so much more than quench thirst orContinue reading “Review: Orchard Girls Cidery”

New Hampshire in review

It was an all-to-brief stay in New Hampshire as we lay tracks toward the Maine coast. While the green rounded peaks of Vermont are serene, the White Mountains of New Hampshire are dramatic and rugged and call for adventure. Or at least a rainy day hike to see some waterfalls. 

Pineapple orange cocktail

I love a good cider cocktail. In the late summer—those days when it is hot when the sun is up and downright chilly once it sets, there’s nothing like a cocktail that can balance the temperature extremes. That is this cocktail. It is my go-to when I want to impress someone. It feels complicated, perhapsContinue reading “Pineapple orange cocktail”

Sparkling Beet Cocktail

Beets are good for you and are surprisingly tasty. Sure, many of you have probably eaten canned and/or pickled beets, so you have some sort of grudge against my favorite root vegetable. A fresh beet is nothing like what happens when it is canned. A fresh beet is earthy and crisp, summery and slightly sweet.