Etta and Escalante

I’ve lamented the development of Moab (as have many of the locals) and I wasn’t sure if I could find anything that struck that chord inside of me like that land of stacked and arched rocks did when I was in my early twenties. Then we traveled through south central Utah and saw the smallContinue reading “Etta and Escalante”

A lucky engine failure

If you’re going to break down, be strategic. And by strategic, I mean lucky. As an Irishman, I swear my luck never runs out (knocks on wood). After we left our friends at Happy Productions Studios in Minnesota, we realized we had nice little gap in our schedule to swing through Stephens Point, home ofContinue reading “A lucky engine failure”

Review: Orchard Girls Cidery

Every once in a while you come across a drink that reminds you how things should taste—that in this world of artificial flavors and overly-sweet things that dull our taste buds, there are still liquids that dazzle our tongue, that challenge our senses. A good beverage can do so much more than quench thirst orContinue reading “Review: Orchard Girls Cidery”

Maine, Part 1

Unfortunately, the exhaust system weld job we got in New York did not hold up. As we trolled our way through these quaint little seaside towns it sounded like I was riding the fifth horse of the apocalypse—the one that sounds like one of those pickup trucks with a smokestack and flags for a candidateContinue reading “Maine, Part 1”