The kindness of our friends

Maybe you’ve noticed some backsliding on our blog as of late. That’s because we had a major breakdown. I’ll spare you all the technical stuff and just say this: a part broke in the engine that will be a major and not-easy repair. For those of you playing along at home, this is the secondContinue reading “The kindness of our friends”

A lucky engine failure

If you’re going to break down, be strategic. And by strategic, I mean lucky. As an Irishman, I swear my luck never runs out (knocks on wood). After we left our friends at Happy Productions Studios in Minnesota, we realized we had nice little gap in our schedule to swing through Stephens Point, home ofContinue reading “A lucky engine failure”

The re-built 2.1 engine block (Part I)

Note: This engine failed inside of its warranty. The builder, Randy, did not honor his warranty and we were out $5,000. I would not recommend him. This is where the adventure begins, the heart and soul of the aircooled bus. 1979 was the final year for the aircooled engine and last year of the “hippy”Continue reading “The re-built 2.1 engine block (Part I)”