Podcast: Blacky

What do you do when your bus breaks down at a gas station in Sopchoppy, Florida and it’s dark and getting colder by the minute and you know no one in the area? You go home with a stranger named Brian Blackwell (nicknamed Blacky). Well… that’s what we did anyway. We met Blacky when heContinue reading “Podcast: Blacky”

Podcast: Ian

After staying several days at McIntyre’s Home for Wayward Buses and Wandering Souls in Miami, Florida, we finally convinced Ian McIntyre—VW bus enthusiast, artist, friend to all, dog whisperer extraordinaire, and all around renaissance man—to sit down with us for an interview. Tune in to hear why Ian created this home-away-from-home in paradise for fellowContinue reading “Podcast: Ian”

Podcast: Colin Kellogg

Colin Kellogg, the Itinerant Air-Cooled Mechanic, is a hard person to catch up with, having zig-zagged over 500,000 miles across the US in his bus teaching other VW bus owners how to repair and maintain their own VWs. As luck would have it, we were able to meet up with Colin in sunny Florida andContinue reading “Podcast: Colin Kellogg”

Keep on keepin’ on

After the breakdown in Florida, we really thought this bus venture of ours would be over. Finances are tight on the road and podcasting is not exactly a gold mine. As I ran the diagnostics on Adie at that gas station just outside of Sopchoppy, Florida, I had the sinking feeling that we had reachedContinue reading “Keep on keepin’ on”

The kindness of our friends

Maybe you’ve noticed some backsliding on our blog as of late. That’s because we had a major breakdown. I’ll spare you all the technical stuff and just say this: a part broke in the engine that will be a major and not-easy repair. For those of you playing along at home, this is the secondContinue reading “The kindness of our friends”

The Forgotten Coast

Head north and west from just about all of Florida and you’ll find our favorite region in the Sunshine State—the Forgotten Coast. Last time I posted, we had visited Cedar Key—a cool, laid-back town with plenty of places to relax. Well, we moved a little farther up the coast, around the bend and into theContinue reading “The Forgotten Coast”