Playlist: Places in review

Okay, folks, while we wait out the snow storm of 2022, let’s play a little game of catch-up. We’ve been to 26 states and I have missed some tunes along the way. Here’s what I’ve added to our ever-growing playlist:

Minnesota Pride: This is a great, rowdy song from the band where Sam, the our engine builder, is a key player. Listen to it and try not to see it playing at a honkytonk where everyone is singing along. These guys will be on stage for Truckerfest later this year and I can’t wait to hear this one played live. 

New York is my Home: I discovered this track by way of the extra track on Paul Simon’s “Stranger to Stranger” album and rediscovered Dion of Dion and the Belmonts. Two life-long New Yorkers craft a haunting ode to their favorite city. Even though I have no desire to revisit the Big Apple, I’ll gladly return to this song. 

The Keys: As our post from the southernmost continental point of the US demonstrated, the Keys were a disappointment. What’s not a disappointment? This little ditty by Matt Duncan. It has a funky groove that feels like old Florida. Instead of going to the Keys, put this track on and mix up a margarita. 

Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay: I have a fond memory of this song. I was in Mr. Hemmert’s class in high school and he asked us to pick a song and write about it. Then we had to go around the classroom and read ours. Without exception everyone wrote about their favorite song and began their writing with “____ is my favorite song because….” I did not. I wrote about a song I had been thinking about for the last few weeks–Otis Redding’s “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay.” I had just started working at a department store where I had, no kidding, 14 managers that I answered to. The line, “I can’t do what ten people tell me to do” stuck with me. So I wrote about that. Being the insecure highschooler I was, I broke a sweat as it came to my turn and I had this little one paragraph essay that didn’t sound anything like what the other folks had written. I took a deep breath and read it quickly. Mr. Hemmert asked some follow-up questions and afterward a couple of the other students wanted to talk about the song with me. I figured it might not be so bad to be different. Anyway, it mentions Georgia. 

Midwestern Home: “Your throw up will smell just like cherry pie.” I mean, with lyrics like that who could resist this underbaked ragged song by The Scratchoffs? It clocks in at just over two minutes, so unlike most midwesterners, it doesn’t overstay its welcome. 

Good to be on the Road Back Home Again: This song is fine. It’s passable with the male vocals. Then the female vocals kick in and it goes to the next level. Give it a listen and a relisten. Even though we will hopefully be swinging back through Tennessee again and I can add more songs to that list, I’ll drop this one here. 

Highway 61 Revisited: The obligatory Dylan. Highway 61 runs through Bob’s home state and this song just rocks. Which version suits this playlist best? Beats me. Let’s go with this less popular version.

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