Jolene loves the snow.

Two months ago, Miracle was lamenting the idea of a winter without snow. I had planned a route that would keep us well outside of extreme temperatures since the bus is, at once, terrible in the heat and terrible in the cold. We would go north in the summer, south in the winter. Simple enough. Then the engine broke. 

We were cruising through Tallahassee, the windows down, an easy 72 degrees. A week later, Neil and I would be pushing the bus off the trailer in the Dune Buggy Supply parking lot in negative temps. Outside the snow piled up. 

We left Minnesota on the only day that the temperatures neared 30 and we hotfooted it to Ohio, to see Miracle’s daughter and have Adie checked out by our hometown mechanic, Norm, at Oak Grove Auto Imports. A snowstorm—actually an ice storm followed by a snowstorm—blew in and we were stuck. (We should mention that yes, we could have left town. But the rest of the country was also in a cold snap, so we decided it was best to stay put until it warms up. We should hit the road soon. We hope.) 

The snow as of 6 p.m. last night.

But, in the meantime, Miracle got her snow…

Norm, ruining a perfectly good shot of a Ghia.

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