Podcast: Ces

Ces Saavedra contacted us before we departed on our 49 state tour in our own VW bus, Aide. She sent me this picture of her six buses lined up on the shore of Lake Norman and said, you need to come to North Carolina. We put her on the map right away and a mereContinue reading “Podcast: Ces”

Filing my taxes!

Taxes. I love doing my taxes. Or, more accurately, I love going to have my taxes filed. As a writer, tax season is when you finally see the benefits of your hard work—mainly all the receipts you have saved and cataloged to claim as expenses. Do I file my own taxes? No. Am I capable?Continue reading “Filing my taxes!”


Two months ago, Miracle was lamenting the idea of a winter without snow. I had planned a route that would keep us well outside of extreme temperatures since the bus is, at once, terrible in the heat and terrible in the cold. We would go north in the summer, south in the winter. Simple enough.Continue reading “Snow!”


North Carolina wins the prize for most dog-friendly state thus far. Not only are dogs allowed in regular stores where it shouldn’t be an issue (like hardware stores, auto parts stores, etc.), dogs are allowed in some bars. Dogs are a part of the family here. Campgrounds haven’t uncharged us for having a dog. DogsContinue reading “Dog-friendly!”

Ontario and Quebec

It’s been a lot of driving and a lot of sightseeing and a lot of meeting people over the past week. We had a magical stay north of Gatineau with some new VW acquaintances, Brad and Susan. They shared their lake home (and their red wine) with us. The fall colors were amazing. Then weContinue reading “Ontario and Quebec”

Your newest Bark Ranger

When I was about four or five, I became a Junior Park Ranger at Badlands National Park. My mom, always a champion for her children, helped me complete the form, which included the question, “What is something at the Badlands that is older than you?” (I said, “This rock” and pointed at a nearby rock.) Continue reading “Your newest Bark Ranger”