Podcast: Zach

Zach Wallace has just about the coolest fleet of vehicles in all of Alaska—a squad of Vangons, including a Syncro. Luckily for those who travel north to Anchorage, he rents them out. Last Frontier Westys has been in business for only a couple years, but his love for VWs has been around for, well, generations. 

Louisiana in review

Miracle loves New Orleans and was elated to get back to one of her favorite places to wine and dine. Fortunately, we had a driveway stay in the city, making it both convenient and affordable to stay within the city. We did eat at a couple of restaurants and grabbed some beignets to make sureContinue reading “Louisiana in review”

Filing my taxes!

Taxes. I love doing my taxes. Or, more accurately, I love going to have my taxes filed. As a writer, tax season is when you finally see the benefits of your hard work—mainly all the receipts you have saved and cataloged to claim as expenses. Do I file my own taxes? No. Am I capable?Continue reading “Filing my taxes!”

Maine, Part IV

Like I said in my last Maine post, see Acadia. Go for a day or three and say you did it. Then boogie north as fast as you can. (Or maybe go slowly and stop at the farmstands and every scenic lookout like we do.) Because the state parks up here in the most easterlyContinue reading “Maine, Part IV”

Assateague Island, Delaware

I have to admit that I was initially a little let down by Delaware. Many folks online told us about the beaches and the fun we would have in Rehoboth. And indeed the beach looked fun… except we had our dog, Jolene, who was not welcome on the beach. Or on most any other beachContinue reading “Assateague Island, Delaware”

Podcast: Lynda

If you’ve owned a Vw Bus for any length of time, you’ve probably got a tale of roadside breakdown woes. We met a woman, Lynda Hardman, who had more than her fair share. In fact, she swears her bus had a curse. She’s seen everything from flaming stoves to the crunchy demise of her not-so-beloved ASIContinue reading “Podcast: Lynda”