The winter car

We had outfitted the Beetle—Miracle’s ’74 Sunbug—for the Maine winter. Heater boxes and a new blower (and then a new new blower after the plastic one melted). I shored up the floors with sheet metal screws and plugged any gaps with foam. I even lined the boot with reflectix to keep the draft from leakingContinue reading “The winter car”

Podcast: William & Cory

We were a dozen states into our 49 state tour when our exhaust system developed a crack. I jumped on VanAlert and found a place called the VW Garage in Portland Maine. The shop owner, Cory Sterling, hooked us up with a metal fabricator and welder named William Bruce. William is a fellow VW ownerContinue reading “Podcast: William & Cory”

Review: Orchard Girls Cidery

Every once in a while you come across a drink that reminds you how things should taste—that in this world of artificial flavors and overly-sweet things that dull our taste buds, there are still liquids that dazzle our tongue, that challenge our senses. A good beverage can do so much more than quench thirst orContinue reading “Review: Orchard Girls Cidery”

Border Crossing

Crossing into Canada is no small task right now. When we were staying in Lubec, a local man said very flatly, “The Canadians—they don’t want you.” And that is probably true. America’s response to COVID has been an embarrassment and frankly we put more than ourselves at danger by being so collectively irresponsible. 

Maine, Part IV

Like I said in my last Maine post, see Acadia. Go for a day or three and say you did it. Then boogie north as fast as you can. (Or maybe go slowly and stop at the farmstands and every scenic lookout like we do.) Because the state parks up here in the most easterlyContinue reading “Maine, Part IV”

Peace Love and Waffles

What a find! Just when I thought life in Maine couldn’t get any better, any more scenic and delectable—this happened. A little unassuming breakfast place in an old farmstead called Peace Love and Waffles. The food is perhaps—no, definitely without a doubt—the best breakfast food I’ve ever had. Bar none.

Maine, Part 1

Unfortunately, the exhaust system weld job we got in New York did not hold up. As we trolled our way through these quaint little seaside towns it sounded like I was riding the fifth horse of the apocalypse—the one that sounds like one of those pickup trucks with a smokestack and flags for a candidateContinue reading “Maine, Part 1”