Playlist: Maine

Maine. What a state! I know my first ME post kvetches about the cost of things in Portland, but everything north of Portland is lovely and somewhat affordable. So, let’s sing along, folks:

We Can’t Make It Here Anymore: Well, this song is a downer. A great song, but a downer. It pretty much talks about how terrible everything is and how much capitalism and systems like that have ruined everything. But it also mentions Dayton, Ohio, and—most importantly for our purposes—Portland, Maine. But, man, does this song drive.

King of the Road: Destination Bangor, Maine. Roger Miller is a magic man. Every song just exudes charm. And the tramp who narrates this ditty is no exception. I’d love to interview the guy who smokes old stogies he’s found and stays in boxcars. 

New England: “So’s Maine!” Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers perform this ode to the oldest part of the US of A and Maine comes along as little more than a mention, a hiccup, but it makes it in. And, yes, this is the second Richman song to make it onto the full playlist for those of you keeping score.

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