The winter car

We had outfitted the Beetle—Miracle’s ’74 Sunbug—for the Maine winter. Heater boxes and a new blower (and then a new new blower after the plastic one melted). I shored up the floors with sheet metal screws and plugged any gaps with foam. I even lined the boot with reflectix to keep the draft from leakingContinue reading “The winter car”

Season 4 is live!

We traveled across New England and into Canada, crossed into Michigan and the upper Great Lakes States to bring you stories from folks who have had an adventure or two in a VW Bus. This season we’ve met collectors, mechanics, businesswomen, and more than a few roadtrippers. You can listen to all the episodes wherever fineContinue reading “Season 4 is live!”

Season 3 coming soon!

Join us this season for the New England leg of our journey as we chat with VW mechanics, brand new bus owners, veterans of the road, and even a true adventurer of epic proportions. Ten hot, fresh episodes will be dropping in the next 48 hours depending on your streaming service of choice.

New Hampshire in review

It was an all-to-brief stay in New Hampshire as we lay tracks toward the Maine coast. While the green rounded peaks of Vermont are serene, the White Mountains of New Hampshire are dramatic and rugged and call for adventure. Or at least a rainy day hike to see some waterfalls.