New Hampshire in review

It was an all-to-brief stay in New Hampshire as we lay tracks toward the Maine coast. While the green rounded peaks of Vermont are serene, the White Mountains of New Hampshire are dramatic and rugged and call for adventure. Or at least a rainy day hike to see some waterfalls. 

The leaves have the slightest tinge of color here and the locals walk around muttering about the oncoming madness of leaf peeping season. The birches here are tall and skinny and they sway in the near-constant wind. I saw the auto road going to the peak of Mt. Washington and resolved that I would drive Adie to the top. “No you won’t,” said the ranger. So I didn’t. Turns out that the peak climb is every bit as hard on a vehicle as Pikes Peak and my 42-year-old 84 hp VW wasn’t the best fit for an expedition of this kind. We consoled ourselves by stopping by Cathedral Ledge Distillery where we did a spirit tasting. (Try the horseradish vodka—it’s very good.) 

In Jackson, we were hosted by an old acquaintance from the road, Geoff. Last year Miracle and I met up with our friend, Greg, in Ohiopyle, PA for a weekend camp trip. On our way back tot he campsite on our last day there, we ran into Geoff, who was driving a really pristine VW Eurovan. The man is a true adventurer: ice climbing in the Antarctic, skiing in Greenland, moutain biking the notches of New Hampshire, kayaking and whitewater rafting. He gave us his contact information and we held on to it ever since—even sticking it to the bus refrigerator. Together we spent an evening listening to his stories—the harrowing and breathtaking. You’ll be able to hear some of this in season three of our podcast. 

Thanks, Geoff! (Hear his story in season three of our podcast.)

2 thoughts on “New Hampshire in review

  1. Great to see you guys…and hear your adventures as well!
    Can’t wait to get back out on the road myself in “Heigh Times!
    Smooth riding in “Adie” for you both and sweet girl Jolene.
    Until we meet again!!


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