Playlist: New Hampshire

Live Free or Die, but just don’t sing about it. I guess the scarcity of some songs about certain states is overshadowed by the numerous songs about Texas, Tennessee, California, and, inexplicably, Kentucky. So here’s a meager offering for President Bartlett’s home state, including a tortured way of getting Dylan on the list.

Jackson: A shameless cheat here. Yes, I am well aware that Johnny Cash is singing about a much farther south Jackson in this rollicking tune. And I know there are Jacksons everywhere, man. (Including one in Ohio on the way to my buddy Dustin’s beloved Virginia mountain home. When we pass through I always sing this song.) So here’s a song fitting for any Jackson in the US. 

Sign Language: Oof, this is a weak offering from one of Dylan’s lesser collaborations. The last decent thing Eric Clapton ever did with a guitar was his performance at Dylan’s fortieth anniversary party. Then there’s this. But, the repeated line about sandwiches helps me work it into the New Hampshire playlist courtesy of a little town called Sandwich.

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