Playlist: South Dakota

Man, oh man, South Dakota has some songs written about it. Unfortunately, none of them are anything to write home about. The Mount Rushmore State (that is, actually for real, the state’s official moniker). Anyways, here’s a list of South Dakota-related songs: Deadwood Mountain: Yes, John Rich is bigoted trash. Not sure about Big. And,Continue reading “Playlist: South Dakota”

Playlist: Nevada

Nevada! Here we are in the Silver State, home to the loneliest highway in America. Although we are only cutting across the southern tip, we have designs to return to the great open north in cooler times. So here’s a few tunes to keep you company as you sweat it out to the next gasContinue reading “Playlist: Nevada”

Piece by piece

There’s a Johnny Cash song about a guy who steals parts from his automobile assembly plant job and builds his car one piece at a time at home. (The song was actually written by Wayne Kemp.) The song is fun and farcical and it ends by the narrator saying that the car is a vintageContinue reading “Piece by piece”

Playlist: New Hampshire

Live Free or Die, but just don’t sing about it. I guess the scarcity of some songs about certain states is overshadowed by the numerous songs about Texas, Tennessee, California, and, inexplicably, Kentucky. So here’s a meager offering for President Bartlett’s home state, including a tortured way of getting Dylan on the list.

Playlist: West Virginia

I have to admit that I am not off to a roaring playlist start here with only two tracks on my first state’s playlist. But they are two really good songs. And my goal to include a Dylan song on each list? I am chagrined to admit I could not find a single song byContinue reading “Playlist: West Virginia”