Playlist: West Virginia

I have to admit that I am not off to a roaring playlist start here with only two tracks on my first state’s playlist. But they are two really good songs. And my goal to include a Dylan song on each list? I am chagrined to admit I could not find a single song by the Nobel Laureate about the wild and wonderful state. Hence, the video link to “East Virginia Blues” here.

Take Me Home, Country Roads: Alright. I know this one is probably hackneyed at this point and it’s the most obvious of all West Virginia odes, but let me suggest going with the Brandi Carlile cover, which features Emmylou Harris. They take the old standard to a new level with the final verse highlighting Carlile’s always-superb vocals. Each verse builds until you just can’t help joining in. 

Feather Indians: My buddy Dustin has this on his playlist for our weekend trips down to his cabin, just the other side of the West Virginia-Virginia border. Not normally a singer, Dustin will get a dozen hard ciders in him and turn up the radio and let the lyrics of this one fly, a far-away look in his eye. The mere mention of West Virginia in the first minute of the song gets it on this playlist; the memories of my best friend being so joyful as he sang it, gives the song a special place in my heart. 

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