Playlist: Nevada

Nevada! Here we are in the Silver State, home to the loneliest highway in America. Although we are only cutting across the southern tip, we have designs to return to the great open north in cooler times. So here’s a few tunes to keep you company as you sweat it out to the next gas station. 

Viva Las Vegas: This is as predictable as a night playing the slots, but is their any better embodiment of the gaudy, the gauche, the glitzy glory of Las friggin’ Vegas than Elvis in late stage career doing windmill hand waves while warbling Veeeeevvvvaah Las Vegas? No.

Willin’: Little Feat are the required road trip sound and it’s surprising that this is their first appearance on my list. But what an entry with some of the lesser-mentioned Nevada towns. But if you are craving vocal perfection, go with the Linda Ronstadt version (also with some super slick slide guitar work). And because Nevada has plenty of space to share, I’ll include both of them here.

Bob Dylan singing Folsom Prison Blues: The long-awaited Bootleg Series featuring the duets of Bob and John did not disappoint. While they only had the one collaboration on Nashville Skyline, they famously played together on Cash’s variety show and in concert. But here we get to here Bob sing that famous line about Reno and all the reasons someone needs killin’. 

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