Vermont in review

Miracle says she fell in love with me in Vermont. It was the first big trip we took—a meandering week-long excursion into the lower portion of the Green Mountain State. We drive the Prius down the interstate and stayed in an AirBnB. My excuse for going was that I wanted to look at tiny homes. (It turns out that tiny homes were too tiny. So, instead, two years later, we hit the road in a VW bus….) Well, Vermont does not disappoint. 

We returned to the land of good cheddar cheese and fine hard cider. We made many new VW friends (some of whom you’ll meet in season three of our podcast), including the regionally-famous John’s Car Corner—a museum/repair shop that John has been operating for decades. We crossed Vermont’s only floating bridge, I ran up into the mountains at Branbury State Park and we visited the Dog Chapel in St. Johnsbury. 

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