Podcast: John’s Car Corner

We heard about John’s Car Corner from folks all the way from Connecticut through Rhode Island and up through Massachusetts. Everyone said you need to stop at John’s Car Corner and talk to John. They were right. Soon we were standing in the shop itself, just outside of Westminster, Vermont—it a mix of parts store,Continue reading “Podcast: John’s Car Corner”

Vermont in review

Miracle says she fell in love with me in Vermont. It was the first big trip we took—a meandering week-long excursion into the lower portion of the Green Mountain State. We drive the Prius down the interstate and stayed in an AirBnB. My excuse for going was that I wanted to look at tiny homes.Continue reading “Vermont in review”

Playlist: Vermont

Okay, folks, Vermont is picturesque and friendly and tasty (just try the pie!). Unfortunately, that doesn’t translate into songsters waxing poetic about the Green Mountain State. Sure, I could have cribbed songs from all the online playlists; however, this part of my project relies on me curating a list of what fits for us. That’sContinue reading “Playlist: Vermont”