Terlingua, TX

Google Maps is my favorite invention. I’d sit at my desk at that last miserable job I had and take Maps vacations—find a locale and start clicking through the route I’d take to get there, look at people’s photos, and read their reviews. (For those of you clamoring to return to office culture, let’s notContinue reading “Terlingua, TX”

Museum of Texas Handmade Furniture

This was a find. Originally, we had planned to cruise on down to San Antonio—see the riverwalk, take the Alamo tour. But a couple of native Austinites said the traffic in San Antonio was horrendous, which is really saying something after maneuvering the streets of Austin. Since we are wanting to take it easy onContinue reading “Museum of Texas Handmade Furniture”

In search of coffee

We continued south on the Trace, stopping for coffee at a place called Lost Gringos in French Camp. Normally I make coffee in the mornings. It’s a process I have outlined painstakingly in previous blogposts and a source of pride. Heating the water to the right temperature, pouring it and compressing it in the airContinue reading “In search of coffee”

The last of Tennessee we’ll see

We loved Tennessee, but it is time to keep moving. We will definitely return—hopefully once we are off the road and can go down for a night on the town without worrying about Jolene too much. Tennessee is lovely. Bob and Bonnie, as I mentioned, were wonderful hosts when we were south of Nashville. AndContinue reading “The last of Tennessee we’ll see”

Missouri in review

Way back in the early days of our trip, we stayed in Lubec, Maine. We met a mother and son there who were visiting from St. Louis. They invited us to visit them when we passed through Missouri. Well, after our month of detours and alternate plans, we had the chance to pass through TheContinue reading “Missouri in review”

Podcast: John’s Car Corner

We heard about John’s Car Corner from folks all the way from Connecticut through Rhode Island and up through Massachusetts. Everyone said you need to stop at John’s Car Corner and talk to John. They were right. Soon we were standing in the shop itself, just outside of Westminster, Vermont—it a mix of parts store,Continue reading “Podcast: John’s Car Corner”