Detour # 9: The Finer Things in Life

Before we interviewed Carson (S9, E5) about his bus story, we had a little side conversation about coffee, about Swiss cheese and watches—about the finer things in life. If you’re a coffee snob, aficionado, or you just love good coffee (I’m all three), you’ll want to give this one a listen. Great coffee can beContinue reading “Detour # 9: The Finer Things in Life”

In search of coffee

We continued south on the Trace, stopping for coffee at a place called Lost Gringos in French Camp. Normally I make coffee in the mornings. It’s a process I have outlined painstakingly in previous blogposts and a source of pride. Heating the water to the right temperature, pouring it and compressing it in the airContinue reading “In search of coffee”

Oxford, MS

When we were in Miami, our driveway host, Ian, told us about a little spot in Mississippi we needed to visit: Oxford. He was right. This little slice of the south is the stuff right out of a southern gothic novel—and for good reason. This is the home of William Faulkner. 

Key West in review

Miracle and I both wanted to be in Key West on our 1-year anniversary. We imagined sitting on a beach eating key lime pie and sipping champagne while the waves rolled in and out. Miracle had read about Key West via Martha Gellhorn’s letters. (Gellhorn, for what it is worth is twice the badass HemingwayContinue reading “Key West in review”

Holiday Gift Ideas

I am notoriously bad at holiday gift-giving. This is not to say that I am generally bad at gift-giving; it’s that I generally hate the holidays—namely the let’s keep the Christ in Capitalism part. I worked three soul-sucking years in retail and, folks, let me tell you: people are at their worst, most base selvesContinue reading “Holiday Gift Ideas”

How to make coffee

Few things in life are as essential as coffee—maybe water and oxygen (both ingredients needed to make coffee by the way). Since being on the road, we’ve tried a variety of coffee brewing techniques before settling on Aeropress our morning joe. In this post I will outline the various methods and their pratfalls. 

Happy Productions

We had a great week hanging out with our friends from Happy Productions. We hung out at the studio; I got to be on the radio, and we saw live music. Shawn and Emma, the team behind Happy Productions are doing some really cool things. They partner with local businesses, host a music festival, andContinue reading “Happy Productions”

Toronto in review

We only had a minute in Toronto—at least that’s how it felt. (Fun fact: Toronto is the seventh-largest city in North America with a slightly smaller population than Houston. So not everything is bigger in Texas.) We had a nice, relaxing evening sitting on the deck of Peter and Andrea’s home in downtown Toronto andContinue reading “Toronto in review”

We were on the radio!

A couple weeks ago I posted in a VW Facebook group about our podcast, “So You Owned a VW Bus.” I asked folks if they had stories and if they would be open to sharing them. We instantly got lots of responses. But more than stories, we received messages of support, offers to stay inContinue reading “We were on the radio!”