Holiday Gift Ideas

I am notoriously bad at holiday gift-giving. This is not to say that I am generally bad at gift-giving; it’s that I generally hate the holidays—namely the let’s keep the Christ in Capitalism part. I worked three soul-sucking years in retail and, folks, let me tell you: people are at their worst, most base selvesContinue reading “Holiday Gift Ideas”

Swizzle Cider Summer Sipper

When in Cincinnati one must visit Rhinegeist. If you’re not familiar with the Nasty Nati, you may not know that at one point in time, Over the Rhine (OTR to us locals), was considered a bad part of town. It has since been renovated, updated, gentrified, rehabbed, what have you. At any rate, it isContinue reading “Swizzle Cider Summer Sipper”