Georgia in review

Georgia. Our plans for Georgia changed more than any state on this trip so far. Originally, we were going to stop through Athens to see one of Miracle’s friends and then wander south into Savannah before taking the A1A into Florida. Then, we interviewed my former neighbor, Ben, and he told us about his palContinue reading “Georgia in review”

Lou’s Libations: A perfect gift

Okay, so you’re late Christmas shopping and ever since DeJoy screwed with the Post Office nothing has been running correctly. Resist the urge to buy some junk from Amazon unless they promise to send Jeff Bezos to space via giant catapult. Give the gift of booze—even if you live in Ohio using Lou’s Libations.

Cider Boys

After we left our friends at Happy Productions in Minnesota we realized we had a gap in our schedule just big enough to fit in a quick tour of Stephens Point Brewing—the home of Cider Boys. I’ve wanted to visit this operation for a while because they have an impressive slate of ciders that rotateContinue reading “Cider Boys”

Pineapple orange cocktail

I love a good cider cocktail. In the late summer—those days when it is hot when the sun is up and downright chilly once it sets, there’s nothing like a cocktail that can balance the temperature extremes. That is this cocktail. It is my go-to when I want to impress someone. It feels complicated, perhapsContinue reading “Pineapple orange cocktail”

Swizzle Cider Summer Sipper

When in Cincinnati one must visit Rhinegeist. If you’re not familiar with the Nasty Nati, you may not know that at one point in time, Over the Rhine (OTR to us locals), was considered a bad part of town. It has since been renovated, updated, gentrified, rehabbed, what have you. At any rate, it isContinue reading “Swizzle Cider Summer Sipper”

Sparkling Beet Cocktail

Beets are good for you and are surprisingly tasty. Sure, many of you have probably eaten canned and/or pickled beets, so you have some sort of grudge against my favorite root vegetable. A fresh beet is nothing like what happens when it is canned. A fresh beet is earthy and crisp, summery and slightly sweet. 

The black & blue bramble

You hear a writer say, “I know a place” and you instantly know that they’re trying to get drunk or laid. Well, my friends, I know a place and I often take Miracle there. It’s called Blue Toad Cidery in Massie’s Mill, Virginia (Miracle’s note: It worked.). I started going to Blue Toad a fewContinue reading “The black & blue bramble”