How to make coffee

Few things in life are as essential as coffee—maybe water and oxygen (both ingredients needed to make coffee by the way). Since being on the road, we’ve tried a variety of coffee brewing techniques before settling on Aeropress our morning joe. In this post I will outline the various methods and their pratfalls. 

Pineapple orange cocktail

I love a good cider cocktail. In the late summer—those days when it is hot when the sun is up and downright chilly once it sets, there’s nothing like a cocktail that can balance the temperature extremes. That is this cocktail. It is my go-to when I want to impress someone. It feels complicated, perhapsContinue reading “Pineapple orange cocktail”

Stovetop (or grill) pizza

A staple in our diet at home is pizza. Ever since Miracle and I got together there has been pizza—from the Eucharist-thin Dayton-style pizzas to the deep dishes, to ones I once made on English muffins. For the last seven months we have lived around the corner from two pizza places—one with the aforementioned Dayton-styleContinue reading “Stovetop (or grill) pizza”

Canadian bacon

Short one for you all. Nothing goes with breakfast quite like a cut of pork whether it be bacon or sausage or, if you’re from Cincinnati, goetta.  Miracle and I love some Canadian bacon. I prefer to buy as plain of a cut as possible (Miracle’s note to Ryan: you don’t know the difference betweenContinue reading “Canadian bacon”

Sparkling Beet Cocktail

Beets are good for you and are surprisingly tasty. Sure, many of you have probably eaten canned and/or pickled beets, so you have some sort of grudge against my favorite root vegetable. A fresh beet is nothing like what happens when it is canned. A fresh beet is earthy and crisp, summery and slightly sweet. 

Taco meat

Taco meat is camping magic. You can put it on chips, mix it into eggs, wrap it up, stir it into queso. It’s a versatile food and making the perfect taco meat is an art. If you’ve ever been subjected to the grisly unseasoned madness of someone who thinks all you need is chili powderContinue reading “Taco meat”

The black & blue bramble

You hear a writer say, “I know a place” and you instantly know that they’re trying to get drunk or laid. Well, my friends, I know a place and I often take Miracle there. It’s called Blue Toad Cidery in Massie’s Mill, Virginia (Miracle’s note: It worked.). I started going to Blue Toad a fewContinue reading “The black & blue bramble”