Canadian bacon

Short one for you all. Nothing goes with breakfast quite like a cut of pork whether it be bacon or sausage or, if you’re from Cincinnati, goetta.  Miracle and I love some Canadian bacon. I prefer to buy as plain of a cut as possible (Miracle’s note to Ryan: you don’t know the difference between ham and Canadian bacon. All Canadian bacon is plain cut. It comes in packs of eight. You, my love, make it delicious, but you don’t know ham from Canadian bacon) and prepare it in the following way:

  1. Keep the heat low and melt a generous amount of butter in the pan and add the ham. 
  2. Once the hams (Miracle’s note: SEE? He said ham!) are coated in butter, add a tablespoon of maple syrup. And here I will be an absolute snob. Use real syrup, folks. Don’t come at me with Mrs. Butterworth or some other corn syrup syrup. It’s gross and it’s insulting to those of us who have taste buds.
  3. Keep the heat on low and let it simmer. Add a dusting of nutmeg and a few dashes of black pepper. 
  4. You can turn up the heat a little and let the syrup caramelize a little. The ham will start to curl up. But don’t overcook it. You don’t want burn marks on the meat and the pan shouldn’t have to be scoured afterward. 

That’s it. Simple and delicious. 

One thought on “Canadian bacon

  1. When you get to New Jersey, try the pork roll, fried. My sister-in-law’s family swears by it. It’s delicious, though maybe not in the good way. Salty and pressed and there are strange notches in it.


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