One year

We left home a year ago. We sold most of our possessions, donated hundreds of books, and stored what we had left in the corner of my mom’s basement. On the day we were supposed to leave, our alternator died. Then the clutch cable snapped. After making the repairs with significant help from our mostContinue reading “One year”

Podcast: Xavier

Xavier Laurentio is a larger than life, colorful character. He’s been a bodyguard, an actor and is now a bonafide chef in New Orleans. We met up with Xavier at his home in NOLA and he told us about leaving his home country of Spain for the States, his travels and adventures across the USContinue reading “Podcast: Xavier”

We went to Mexico!

We were right there on the border in Presidio and we figured, “How could we not?” So we went. Yes, every single Mexican person laughed at me for not knowing Spanish. Yes, I only had American dollars and, no, I did not notify my bank that I would be out of country so my cardContinue reading “We went to Mexico!”

Louisiana in review

Miracle loves New Orleans and was elated to get back to one of her favorite places to wine and dine. Fortunately, we had a driveway stay in the city, making it both convenient and affordable to stay within the city. We did eat at a couple of restaurants and grabbed some beignets to make sureContinue reading “Louisiana in review”

North Carolina in review

The wild and winding roads of western North Carolina zigzagged us across the parkway and into Tennessee (but more on Tennessee when we give it the full treatment in a couple months) and then into the more central part of the state where we stayed on Lake Norman. It’s been an incredible week and hereContinue reading “North Carolina in review”

Holiday Gift Ideas

I am notoriously bad at holiday gift-giving. This is not to say that I am generally bad at gift-giving; it’s that I generally hate the holidays—namely the let’s keep the Christ in Capitalism part. I worked three soul-sucking years in retail and, folks, let me tell you: people are at their worst, most base selvesContinue reading “Holiday Gift Ideas”

Quebec in review

Maybe it’s the time of year or the signs written in French, the slopes of fall color, but Quebec reminds me so much of Switzerland. We crossed into Canada and saw mountains of gold and red and all shades in between that rolled on forever—farther than any mountains I have ever seen. It’s simply gorgeousContinue reading “Quebec in review”

Peace Love and Waffles

What a find! Just when I thought life in Maine couldn’t get any better, any more scenic and delectable—this happened. A little unassuming breakfast place in an old farmstead called Peace Love and Waffles. The food is perhaps—no, definitely without a doubt—the best breakfast food I’ve ever had. Bar none.

Canadian bacon

Short one for you all. Nothing goes with breakfast quite like a cut of pork whether it be bacon or sausage or, if you’re from Cincinnati, goetta.  Miracle and I love some Canadian bacon. I prefer to buy as plain of a cut as possible (Miracle’s note to Ryan: you don’t know the difference betweenContinue reading “Canadian bacon”